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Savvy Solar is a specialty showroom / retail outlet in Port Vila, Vanuatu. This outlet provides the general public access to information about which solar products will best meet their needs. The Savvy Solar Team takes pride in selling quality products at a reasonable price and giving our customers excellent service. Whether you are purchasing solar equipment or just 'eye shopping' the Savvy Solar Team will always give you a warm welcome.

Savvy Solar has grown out of a vision to provide rural, isolated, people and communities in Vanuatu access to solar technology which is suitable, sustainable, repairable and of a high quality.

There have been some twists and turns along the way. We have trialled a number of systems and set ups. For a number of years, we were suppliers of small household solar equipment for Government orders and then at the start of 2014 we opened a retail shop/showroom in the Solomon Islands called Sunpower. Seeing a need for quality solar in Vanuatu, at the start of 2016 Savvy Solar was born.

Interacting with the public has broadened our understanding of the needs in rural communities, the challenges and successes of providing solar equipment in a developing nation and has expanded our business model to include a level of information and education suitable to people who have an aptitude for practical explanation and straightforward support for their solar equipment.

Some things we've Learnt

A key question is "What are you wanting to run off your solar?"

Bigger is not always better when it comes to Solar.

A small reliable system which provides light and USB charge is suitable to transform a household.

If someone understands their equipment it will do the job better and last longer.

Packaging solar equipment together reduces misuse and ensures it is tested prior to leaving our warehouse.